Stella Wembley New Release: Loving The Alien

Stella Wembley New Release: Loving The Alien

Stella Wembley New Release: Loving The Alien

I am very excited to announce my new album release , out September 27 , on all the Digital stores! (read more below ..)

The new release

The new release is a cover of the famous song “Loving the Alien, by David Bowie, an artist I admire a lot ,and has inspired my music and style.

The album has  two tracks, the first one is the version of the original song I have a produced; the second track ease it’s fantastic, magnificent remix by Lloyd Price of the Frixion.

I have recorded, arranged, produced,  mixed and mastered the track. Most importantly,I am very proud of my work, it was a challenging song to record, perform and mix,  and  I believe I have done my best , I am very happy especially with the vocals and the idea/ style of the cover version.

The cover album is my work, with the help of my friend  my friend Tony McKormack, who has helped me  with the Design and Titles, and photo editing.

Finally, I was also responsible for the photography, costumes and scenography.

The Songs will be played on the Radio Shows this week, on Revolution Radio Online .

Dj Darren The Baron , 7 PM (Uk time) , Wednesday 14

Dj Nick Court, Darkness and Chaos Show, 7 pm (Uk Time), Saturday 17

Radio website –


Stream/Download the music

You can save the following links and then stream and download the songs from Spotify and iTunes .The links will work once the songs are released (Sept 27):


Apple Music : 

My Spotify profile:

My iTunes profile:

Gadgets and Merchandise for Loving The Alien – Support my music !

Fantastic Gadgets will be available to pre-order from the next week from my online store on the official website .

It is a fantastic way to support my music and vision, so I would be very greateful if you could buy the merchandise or make a donation.

The earnings from Spotify and the other digital stores are are joke for emergent artists. It is more an investment really, considering the fees emergent artists pay to release their music. I am just speaking the truth. So please check the online store and buy the available gadgets. Thanks!

Online store:

Make a donation :

Video Production

I am working on the production of the new music video as well , which I have started a few months ago.

So excited about the production of the video! I will be playing different characters.

The concept of space – time is surreal, inspired by the medieval style, with references to the modern gothic style , christianity and esotericism. I will share a fantastic photoshoot as well on the social platforms.

Make a donation on Facebook if you can:

Subscribe to the Youtube channel if you haven’t done it yet, and make sure to turn the bell on to activate the notifications!


Stella Wembley  – Loving The Alien 

Coming Soon!

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