New Release! Out September 27 on all the Digital Stores!

New Release! Out September 27 on all the Digital Stores!

I am very excited to announce the new release ! Out September 27 on all the digital stores : Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music , Pandora, Deezer, IHeart Radio and many others.

2 fantastic tracks, one I have composed, performed and produced. I have been working for months on this song and I am very proud of it. So excited! The second track is a fantastic Remix by Lloyd Price of The Frixion.



The music will be introduced on the radio shows in these weeks , so do not miss my updates on the social media and official website.


It is a fantastic release you are going to love it, remember that streaming music on Spotify and other platforms is a way to support the Artists, even if we receive very, very little money. Another way to support me, is to buy the album from the digital stores.

My Spotify (Follow, Stream, Download) –

Itunes :

And the merchandise , which will be available on my online store!  //

First preview of the songs on Revolution Radio Online this Wednesday.



Hey it doesn’t end here because I am filming a music video for the song which will be out soon.😎

Thanks to myself for believing in me and for not giving up!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me until now and followed my journey!




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