New merchandise on sale this week!

New merchandise on sale this week!

New amazing merchandise will be on sale on my website this week!  Sexy goth, with photos and gadgets of Loving The Alien New release.

I wasn’t able to add the products yet , sorry, I was sick the last 2 days (always chronic pains).
Please support my music by buying the merchandise, it would really help me to cover the expenses of making music and videos, and releasing physical copies. thanks!
NB Visit the store if you haven’t done it yet , there is awesome merchandise and physical copies of my music.

Go to the online store – Official online store- Click here!

Some photos, from Loving The alien Photoshoot


Loving The Alien will be release September 27 on all the digital stores.

Make sure you are following me on Spotify to stream/ download the songs! – Spotify- click here to follow!

Read the article here :

Radio Plays…

Don’t miss the appointments of this week, listen to the new release played on these fantastic shows:
– on this Wednesday , Sept 21, 9-10 pm, The Andy Cousin Show , by Bret Miller, 3 pm-6pm Pacific time on the weekdays



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