My MacBook Pro has arrived!

My MacBook Pro has arrived!


So, it is here. finally! I am so excited and happy about this!

My MacBook Pro has arrived! This will be amazing improvement for my work flow, and will allow me to be even more creative. I don’t know how to use it yet, but I will post a video soon on my website to tell you about the tech specs, and will open my gift with you.

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This fantastic and powerful machine has made my day, and I will be not only faster making videos, photos and music, but I will have more time to invest in other things to, instead of waiting ages for a rendering/mixdown to be completed, or a video playback to  work .

Who is a creative or professional will understand my stress! And understand how much this is going to change things for me!

If you don’t know about mac machines I really recommend you to look it up online. Here the link to the new MacBook pro apple official presentation

What do you think about it?

Post a comment 🙂

In the meantime, don’t forget I have un upcoming gig in London , December 9, The Dublin Castle. You can still buy tickets in advance here –

We have My Hysteria as an opening act- DJ CyberAsh cannot longer make it.

My Hysteria is a dark-pop duo based in London. – Check them out!


See you there! 

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