Unboxing! MacBook Pro M1 Max

Unboxing! MacBook Pro M1 Max

Unboxing my MacBook Pro M1 Max!

I am so excited about this beast , it is going to be amazing to work with it in the next years.

I look forward to produce music, videos and more .

I am very very excited about this new toy and it will improve so much my work flow, as a music producer and video producer.

I will do another video (tutorial)explaining how to use Da Vinci Resolve. This will be in the page DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.


You will be able to see a preview and if you like it, purchase it!

Video recorded with my Canon EOS 6d Mark II 

Edited with Da Vinci Resolve on MacBook Pro M1 Max

Music produced with Garage band on MacBook Pro M1 Max

Lighting technician :Stella Wembley



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