Stella Wembley – Talks on Video Projections, her artistic vision, future projects and next live gig – Live in London soon !

Stella Wembley – Talks on Video Projections, her artistic vision, future projects and next live gig – Live in London soon !

Stella Wembley – Live in London soon!

These have been really productive and intense weeks for Stella Wembley!
I am so excited to be performing in London in December, and I want everything go according to my plans, and to my vision, and I am preparing the video projections, mastering the audio files, and learning many new things at the same time.
I am very proud of my work and, for the first time in a long time, I want to do it for myself.

Video Projections

When I refer to video projections, I mean the background videos we often see in concerts, and which I have been trying to play live for months, but due to technical and / or organisational problems I have not been able to achieve this.

Luckily, this time, with the precious help of Machine Rox, support band on December 9th in London, I will be able to make the video projections for the live show.
The other band and I rented a video screen, which my videomaker Riccardo Cavani and his assistant will bring to the club, and Machine Rox will bring the video projector.

It is essential to find people willing to collaborate, unfortunately very few artists and musical groups help each other today, a healthy competition is fine, but the competition that does not help is that of wanting to emerge at all costs, coming down to any compromise and crushing the others.

I made 13 videos, which will be played on the screen during performance.
I used both videos already shot on Youtube, such as All that I need and Images of death, and images, and scenes cut from previous videos, choosing specific colours for an authentic representation of the mood. The dominant colours will be red, blue and black.


Some will see abstract representations, others inspired by horror movie scenes such as Shining by S. Kubrick, water that turns red like blood, and the use of red and black and white in contrast, as in Kill Bill, bullets falling inside a red and black vortex ….

There is a futuristic approach too , but connected to the 60’s and 80’s, … like the 60’s towards the future!

As you know, I am a David Bowie fan, I love how he has managed to reinvent himself throughout her career, playing characters from Ziggy Sturdust, The White Duke, Major Tom, Aladdin Sane and The Golbin!


The video editing / production process is quite laborious and long, especially since I am using an old windows computer, about 8 years old, which I have modified and upgraded but which is not powerful enough for graphics.
I look forward to the new Mac M1 Max that I recently bought, expensive investment, but which will allow me to be creative without limits.

Next gig in London on 9th December, 7:30 pm.
Advance tickets here –

More info on the facebook event –

Machine Rox official website –

DJ CyberAsh :


Audio production and artistic vision

I’ve been working on several new songs in the past months, but I don’t want to offer them all live yet, as they will be part of the new album The Alchemy of Dark Arts.
The album has alchemy as its main concept, understood as a real philosophical and protoscientific tradition, connected to esotericism.

The connection between alchemy and earthly elements, such as water, fire and metal, will be represented, and the element will be represented with the appropriate colour.
All this may sound difficult to understand for those who do not know the subject, and to be honest I am following courses on esotericism and alchemy myself … let’s just say that it will be a Dark / esoteric album!
In the next live I will present three new covers entirely produced and arranged by myself.

Two of these will be sung in Italian, another is by a synth-pop group that I love very much.

I hope to release one of these as a single before the release of my next album.



Recording process

I plan to buy two new screens for video production, as I will use the other two I have for audio production, which I currently do on windows computer, and I have no problems so I would not want to change this.

Moreover, I will therefore have 4 screens plus the mac laptop, so six, to manage both audio and video production.
I have seen a fantastic MXR tremolo pedal. I don’t own a tremolo effect pedal at the moment and I think it would be a fantastic purchase to record new songs with the electric guitar.
Recently, I bought a mini Jazzmaster, for practice and study at home, as as many know I have back and shoulder problems, and the weight of the guitar and the long scale creates excruciating pain after a short time.

But the sound of the Jaguar is amazing, so I think I use it anyway in the recordings, or I’ll switch between the two guitars.
Finally,  I will use the pedalboard effects to record the guitars.  I don’t know yet if I will use the preamp recording  process from the amp, or if I will use the vst as amp simulators.
At the moment, my pedalboard configuration is as follows:

Combo Drive BC2
JHS Moonshine
JHS Analog Chorus
Bluesky Strymon reverb
(all connected to an ISPOT PRO power supply that eliminates noise)

I’d like to add a Fuzz, and a tremolo pedal, and a reverse reverb!



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