Super Fan Edition & Limited Edition Poster

Super Fan Edition & Limited Edition Poster

Super Fan Edition & Limited Edition Poster

A new exciting period is coming , with lots of new creative ideas and projects, and I am so glad I can share this with you on the blog.

I apologize because I haven’t written for a while!

First of all,  I am working on the editing of a new video, and learning how to use my new camera.

Most importantly, new music coming soon In the meantime I have added another promo video to let you know about products and a new exciting Super Fan Edition- The idea came last night.

You can pre-order on my website here – Super Fan Edition

The Special Super Fan Edition include Signed exclusive merch:

  • Large poster of Images of Death , in Extra matte Laminated Paper size 70×70 , Square (Signed)
  • Signed Copy of Images of Death single
  • Signed exclusive art card

If you only want the poster you can pre-order here-  Large Poster Limited edition

Want to support my music and get exclusive content? Join us ! Became a member!

There will probably be other Super Fan Editions with different graphics, by a great illustrator who I am going to collaborate with in the near future, this will require time and I will keep you posted and let you know when they can be pre-ordered.

Love  🖤

Enjoy the video below and Happy Monday! 🙂

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