Did you Miss me? -Stella Wembley

Did you Miss me? -Stella Wembley

These have been very busy weeks !


I have finally got my new camera, Canon 6d Mark II and will be soon making new amazing pictures and videos, which I ‘ll share on my website with you.

Most importantly, The camera is amazing, the quality of the videos and photos is very professional and I might do a calendar and sell it on the website. The pictures and the calendar will be free for whom subscribed to a membership plan.

Excusive content & Videos

Exclusive content available for subscribers only. 🙂 I will share soon on the website a live video performance of Images of Death, professionally recorded, filmed and edited by myself (audio and sound). A short promo version will be available on Youtube and and on my website for the public.

Recording sessions

I have been working on a cover version, have recorded over 200 times the vocals- I am not crazy , just a perfectionist.

After all, I am enough satisfied with the progress I have made , and I have also worked on other new songs for a new album, very orchestrated and similar to Images of Death. I won’t say more!!

Finally, I apologise I haven’t written for a while. I am having some issues which take a lot of energy and time and believe me I wasn’t able to focus on anything else. Please accept my sincere apologies 🖤

Below a short preview of the live performance 🙂 !



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Last one!

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