New Performance Video for Subscribers! News

New Performance Video for Subscribers! News

New  Performance Video for Subscribers! News

I have been working on the editing of a new performance video of a live performance recorded some months ago.

I wasn’t able to finish the editing sooner, lots of things to sort out in this crazy period.

The video has been recorded with my Streaming Webcam in HD , and the sound with Cubase 10 Pro . In addiction I have mixed  and  recorded it by myself, and  also did the lighting set up (I have used Blue, red filers and yellowish light).

Moreover, I have edited with Da Vinci Resolve, did also the colour grading. At The end of the video there is a short promo message as well .

I hope you will like it!

Gothic artist

I will post it later in the afternoon.

This is for subscribers only, whereas a (free) shorter version shall be shared on Youtube the next week.


Besides, a new Photoshoot will be also shared soon, hopefully tomorrow and  I aim to share 1 photoshoot per a week for the subscribers. Photos can be download, and videos as well , in HD.


First of all , I want to say thank you to everyone for supporting me an believing in my project.

Furthermore, a special Thank you today goes to Danny Coles, who has been supporting my website and my music for over a year. Danny has helped me buying for me a synthesizer, more precisely a Korg Microkorg, as my Korg is broken and  the fee to repair it too high (basically Korg wants you to buy the newest product instead of repairing your old one…)

Therefore,  thank you Danny Coles! I really appreciate your help, and all the beautiful people are helping me such as Liam Boyle Liam Boyle, Composer  for subscribing to my website, Tony Mckormack Inkubus SukkubusVampire Division for helping and motivating, and friendship,  Michael Ciravolo( Beauty in Chaos )for the friendship, support and advices, Andrea Beneduce (Guitarist, poly instrumentalist , singer) for the technical advices and friendship, and the amazing Revolution Radio Online

for supporting my music playing my songs every week on the radio ! Check the Artist We support page – Artist We Support- Stella Wembley



And… the news about this weekend radio show!!

Don’t miss the fantastic Radio show- Go to Revolution Radio Online website

This evening at 7 Pm Uk Time – Darkness and Chaos Show by Nick Court!  The radio will play my song , with other songs in goth/electronic/industrial/ dark style.

Join and comment on the forum –

You can listen  on your pc /phone and Alexa. Tune in!! Darkness and Chaos Forum

Gothic artist

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