Recording sessions -New Earphones! – Stella Wembley

Recording sessions -New Ear Phones! – Stella Wembley

Recording sessions -New Earphones! – Stella Wembley

I have just purchased cool  Earphones – Shure 215  – to monitor my vocals while recording.  

They sound great for vocals, very analytical listening, there is too much bass  but this doesn’t matter really when I record vocals. I am still testing them so I shall see how it goes during these weeks during the recording sessions!

Today, I am recording a cover, and I am using the new earphones. I can hear better , compared to the headphones I had before. I hear very well all the instruments and the voice is very clear and crystal.

These are the old ones, Sennheiser 380 pro, not bad at all and good for listening /mixing but extremely heavy and uncomfortable.

Sennheiser 380 Pro

There are other models I may want to try , I have seen a good pair of Sennheiser  for about the same price and I may try them as well.

I shall record a new live video soon, but I still don’t have my new camera- some of you already know I have been victim of a fraud, so I haven’t received my camera and I cannot shot video.  I am sorry I haven’t upload any video yet, I hope you will like the ones I post even if won’t be too professional at the moment.

Thank you for your support .

Love xx 



SHURE SE 215 – Buy here Shure SE215 – Amazon

SENNHEISER HD 380 PRO – Buy here Sennheiser Hd 380




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