My new camera EOS Canon 6D Mark II

My new camera EOS Canon 6D Mark II

My new camera EOS Canon 6D Mark II

New equipment, time to Make pro videos! I am so excited.  I have ordered  the amazing Eos 6D Mark II – well, not just ordered, I won the auction for £830 on eBay bidding on the last 4 seconds, yeah! – and will be able to make professional photos and videos. I have to buy the lens, tripod and a third light(Neewer, RGB). 

This swill be a very creative and productive period!

The new videos will be available on the highest quality on my website, where I am able to upload heaviest files sometimes, and it looks like they are less compressed than the ones I upload on YouTube.

Go and check my website in the Official Videos section , and also check the blog section. I may do another section for performance videos.

Don’t forget to check my YouTube channel (and subscribe if you haven’t done it yet! – Stella Wembley YouTube Channel Leave some comments, like the videos …


Audio Equipment/ Accessories


I plan to buy new headphones , well I have always wanted to change my headphones. They are very uncomfortable.

My Sennheiser HD 380 pro are very good, extremely clear sound, but so heavy(over 400 grams), and so tight on my ears.

I was thinking of buying the DT770 Pro 80 ohms (Beyerdynamic)  they look so comfy with those soft cushions, they have a good response on the bass frequencies (which I need as I do use lots of bass lines and currently don’t have with the Sennheiser) and they are lighter (270 grams).

Someone recommended other Headphones by Sony, and I shall try those ones too! In the meantime, I have purchased new cushions for the Sennheiser and they are more comfy, but still to heavy and tight.

If you like to help me out with buying my equipment , donations are greatly accepted . Donate here –

 Thank you for supporting.  I hope  to see you very soon !






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