Images of Death Official Music Video Out Now!

Images of Death Official Music Video Out Now!


Images of  Death Official Music Video is out now ! Watch now on YouTube!


Stella Wembley- Images of Death (Official Music Video) has been filmed, directed and produced by Stella Wembley.

The artist filmed the video in August, London, Uk.

In addition to this, Stella Wembley wrote the screenplay as well, and performed two characters: the Light Angel and the Dark Angel.

The style is gothic, inspired to horror movies and new gothic, and with references to shamanism and black magic. The colours used in the video are different from the first video the artist has directed.

Red, Blue and White are the colours used in Images of Death Music Video.


The video has a non-linear narrative style. The artist uses symbolism to represents the ideas and communicate to the audience her vision, without preambles, stating: this is the naked truth.

Not only Stella filmed and directed the video, but also edited it and was responsible for the post- production.

Moreover, filming the video hasn’t been easy for the artist. Stella didn’t have any help during the filming because the video has been shot during the first wave of the pandemic.

Stella Wembley is a musician, singer and song-writer, composer and visionary artist. Support her music career subscribing to her YouTube channel!

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Credits Video filmed, directed and produced by Stella Wembley

Screenplay – Stella Wembley

Post- production video editing – Stella Wembley

Performed by Stella Wembley

Lighting technician – Stella Wembley

Music written, composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Stella Wembley

Vocals, Synthesiser, drums , musical orchestration and arrangement by Stella Wembley

Lyrics – Stella Wembley



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