Stella Wembley- Interview 2021

Stella Wembley -Interview 2021

Stella Wembley -Interview 2021

Stella Wembley has recently released her music video”Images of Death”.

The artist directed and produced the music video, and filmed it during the first wave of the pandemic, in London. The music video, which has a non-linear narrative style, gothic and horror inspired, is now on her YouTube channel. Check it out!

Check the new interview on Stella’s YouTube Channel by Richard Linton! Stella talked out music projects, self-discipline , the new single and music video “Images of of Death” and future plans.

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Love Stella Wembley 


About Images of Death

Images of Death has been released on September 15 2020 on the digital platforms  and the following month on physical copies.

The cd includes two tracks, Images of Death and Images of Death Remix. Produced, written, recorded , mixed by the artist.

Read the review on Jammerzine Magazine –


The lyrics are personal and dedicated to the artist’s mother.

“All The rooms are empty, cold and grey

All the stars are dead as she passed away

All the happiness ends when I close my eyes

As Images of death are stuck in my mind.”

 “Images of Death”


About the Music Video

Stella Wembley filmed the video in August, London, UK. In addition to this, Stella Wembley wrote the screenplay as well, and performed two characters: the Light Angel and the Dark Angel.

The style is gothic, inspired to horror movies and new gothic, and with references to shamanism and black magic.

The video has a non-linear narrative style. The artist uses symbolism to represents the ideas and communicate to the audience her vision, without preambles, stating: this is the naked truth.

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