“Images of Death” music video out next week!

“Images of Death” music video out next week!

Images of Death” official music video will be released the next week on the 30th of December on my YouTube channel!🥳

I am so proud of myself . This video required lot of work and patience! Three months for the editing and 1 month for the filming. I have done everything by myself – written the script, chosen the locations, filmed the scenes, lighting set up and editing and post- production of the video.

You’ll be able to download the script for free on my website (check the description of the video on YouTube and you’ll see the link )

Go to my YouTube Channel on the 30th of December!🖤

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do it and turn the bell “on” so you’ll be notified when I upload the new video. subscribe here-


Bu here Images of Death cd –  https://stellawembley.com/product/images-of-death-cd-by-stella-wembley-buynow/

Images of Death merch is still available on the online store! Have a look ! – https://stellawembley.com/shop-onlinestore-shop-now-stella-wembley-online-store/

I am very happy to share my work with you . Love 🖤


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