Stella Wembley News – New Release, New Music Video

Stella Wembley News – New Release, New Music Video

Stella Wembley News – New Release, New Music Video

I am very very excited about the recording the vocals with my new preamp unit of my new song!

Presonus preamp  on amazon –

News, news, news….

  • New release this summer, with possibly 2 remixes
  • Music Video trailer
  • New Music Video for the song , entirely produced, directed my the artist
  • Pre-order the digital audios from the website in June 2023 or wait until is released on the digital stores (Spotify, iTunes, etc)
  • New merchandise

I am also taking online classes about Music Production, on courser website , I was very lucky as my application was successful so I got a free music business course . Visit Coursera website to find out more –

I have also started a crowdfunding to finance my new music video , total cost I reckon is between 1 -2 k.

The money is for :

  • hiring the location
  • hiring the vide maker, lighting technician
  • travel expenses and hotel
  • costumes, props
  • insurance

If you like to help me finance my project, please follow this link to donate –

Moreover, there is another project ,my new album release (this is schedule for 2024), and I am raising funds for this too ( we have received donations through PayPal, so we are close to reach the sum)

the money is for:

  • isolating material for my home recording studio
  • equipment, like a new microphone

If you like to help me finance my project, please follow this link to donate –

My amazon list –

About the Music Video

Production: Narrative/ Concept Music Video, with a Gothic/Victorian/Horror style.

The story is inspired by Bram stoker’s Dracula, a story of a medieval princess revisited in a gothic style.

It is actually, an autobiographic story…

Romanticism, inner conflict, connection with nature, personal power, connection with the divine.

The video will be shared on all the social platforms (Youtube , Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) on online magazines and online radio stations websites.The main location shall be Leeds, and we are planning to film in July.

Want to be an extra, or perhaps a supporting actor , for my music video? Are you based in Leeds, or West Yorkshire ? Apply now ! Backstage Job Post –

If you don’t have backstage, just send me an email.

We are always looking for people to help us with the project, if not during the filming, for the post production, promotion, marketing, etc. Just send an email to info@gothicempirerecords if you like to join the team!

About the new album

“The Alchemy of Dark Arts”
The album has alchemy as its main concept, understood as a real philosophical and protoscientific tradition, connected to esotericism.

The connection between alchemy and earthly elements, such as water, fire and metal, will be represented, and the element will be represented with the appropriate colour.

All this may sound difficult to understand for those who do not know the subject, and to be honest I am following courses on esotericism and alchemy myself … let’s just say that it will be a Dark / esoteric album!

Finally, Thank you for supporting my music.

Here some links if you like to buy the merchandise :


cds- Discography

Art cards, calendars





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