Stella Wembley – Recording Sessions, New Single , Tour 2024

Stella Wembley – Recording Sessions, New Single , Tour 2024

Stella Wembley – Recording Sessions, New Single , Tour 2024

Recording, music production, mixing, video production: I’m really busy! Let’s start talking about the music production.

At the moment I’m still working in my home recording studio, which I built and where I record and produce my songs. 

Lots of songs to be released.. I’m currently focusing on just one song in particular, which I finished the lead vocal on last week.

I am very excited about this!

Regarding the music production and arrangement, I have created the drums and synth lines, but tI still have work to do, tweaking, and of course fine-tuning the sounds within the mix.

I am not sure if I will use a different VST for the synth lines and the step sequencers, depending on how long it will take tweaking and changing the settings in the software either way, I think I’m doing my best and I’m very happy about this new song. The lyrics are great, the melody as well and I think it’s a very catchy song!

About the new single a music video release…..

First of all,I can tell that it requires a lot of planning, and I am hiring a team to work with to be able to focus on the performance as well as on my vision, being a visionary artist.

Moreover, there are costumes and props …actors and the team …I’m thinking about everything I may need. So the song and video will be successful.

The new song as well as the music video shall be released within this summer. There will be also two remixes for the new single. I’ve been lucky to find new collaborators professionals to work with.

Finally, I am also planning a new tour for 2024 with lots of data in the UK, I have already announced the first date in June 8, 2024 at the Fox and newt in Leeds, UK. 

Facebook Event –


The other dates shall be announced as well. I will be touring with the new songs from a new album which I am currently working on!

Tickets will be available on the website , there will be also VIP tickets probably (TBD).



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