Images of Death – Video Teaser out now!

Images of Death -Video Teaser out now!

Images of Death- Video Teaser out now! Stella Wembley has been working on the editing of her new video for the single” Images of Death”

The video, filmed and produced by herself, it is a Non-linear Narrative Music Video , Gothic /Gothic Horror inspired ,with references to Sciamanism and Black Magic.

The lyric are personal and dedicated to the artist’s mother.

“All The rooms are empty, cold and grey

All the stars are dead as she passed away

All the happiness ends when I close my eyes

As Images of detah are stuch in my mind.”

 “Images of Death”

Handwritten Lyrics are available to be purchased on the website –

Characters in Images of Death Video: The Dark Angel 

The first character who appears in the video and in Images of Death -Video Teaser is the Dark Angel.

The Dark Angel is in a wood, then in a lake, bringing white and the red roses.

She is mysterious, and seems to have two personalities. She is pure and full of grace when she has the white roses, which are lit by a red light . The athmosphere is grave .

When she is close to the black lake, on the contrary , she feels a deep sorrow and desperation and she has red roses.

Something very horrible has happened and she has lost her angelic appearance. As a resul, she doesn’t  bring white roses , but red roses instead.

Images of Death : Video Production/Lighting 

Stella has filmed during the night all the video by herself. The artist was responible also for the lights set up, camera shooting, costumes, make up and locations.

At the moment, Stella is  working on the editing of the video. Finally, she has announced that a trailer will be out soon.

Watch Now the Teaser on the Youtube Channel here :

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Lots of Love,

Stella Wembely

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