Images of Death: Photoshoot,Teaser out Today!

Images of Death Photoshoot and Teaser out today!

Stella  Wembley has done a new Photoshoot for the new single Images of Death

New Images of Death Photoshoot by Stella Wembley.

Stella is responsible for the photography and the lights.

Below a few pictures from the Photoshoot.

Stella plays the title of a Dark Angel in the new music video.

Teaser out Today!

Images of Death Photoshoot

The artist is working on the editing of the video, in the meantime a Teaser will be be published on the YouTube channel,  tonight , At midnight.

Link to the YouTube channel-

Check it out!

If you haven’t done it yet, subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn the bell on do you’ll be notified  when new videos are available.

Thank you for being part of my vision and for your support!

Lots of Love

Stella Wembley


Photoshoot for “Images of Death”

Gothic Fashion


Stella Wembley- Images of Death

Stella Wembley Photoshoot- Images of Death

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