Stella Wembley News!


Stella Wembley News

Editing of my new video” Images of Death”…

Stella Wembley News- New  Video, New Reel …and more!

I have been working so hard on these days on the video editing.

I don’t own a laptop, I don’t have a mac. I have a very old Pc which I use for doing everything: Recording and muisc Production, Music and Video Editing.

This is for sure the last time I edit  a music video with this pc and I must invest in a better one, ideally a Mac.

The scenes are so many!!  I have been analaysing all of them , discarting the bad ones, creating a bin for each folder, with the total of 29 folders and 29 bins, which were enough light as video – Luckily !- so only over 5 Gb in total.

I am aware that the techniacal aspect of my job might be  incomprehensible to my fans, at least to many of you, I am sorry but this is the side I have to worry about everyday and it is essential for the final product – song, video , or photo!

 Stella Wembley- New Photoshoot

A new photoshoot for Images of Death will be published in the next days.

I am so in love with the aesthetic of this album and video, and I can’t have enough pictures.

Stella Wembley- Images of Death Photoshoot    Stella Wembley- Images of Death


There will be also a new Reel published on this Saturday 14 November on my Instagram and on my Youtube channel.

Check it out! And please share, like and comment.

Stella Wembley- Interviews and Reviews

There will be also interviews  coming soon .

Please check the page Interviews and Reviews if you haven’t done it yet, here –

There are many reviews and interviews you can read, besides, there are nice pictures of me too 🙂

New Cover Version

Finally, before Christamas, I will share a cover I have been working on, this might not be released on the digital platforms but it will be on my website where you may purchase it if you want , and on my Youtube channel.

There are still copies of Images of Death if you want to buy yours here the link –


here my merch which you may like to have before Christamas !-

Donation Welcome!

Here a Button to donate ,  to help me out a bit financially –

Subscribe Now! 

If you can help me with a monthly subscribtion , you can do it through paypal, just click on the button below and it will ridirect you to Paypal. If you want to unsubscribe, can can do it anytime.

Thank you for supporting me xx

Lots of Love

Stella Wembley


Stella Wembley-Images of Death- Official Video Teaser 


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