Official Trailer out now!

Wasting my time Official Trailer out now!

Wasting my time Official Trailer out now!

Trailer directed & produced by the artist.

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The Music Video

The music video “Wasting my time” is written, directed and produced by Stella Wembley, and  filmed by London Filmmakers (R.Cavani).

The artist has planned and organised the whole production, and managed a small team during the filming, as well as 12 actresses to play the roles in her music video. 

Stella worked on the post-production of the video too.

The music video was filmed and produced in Leeds, Uk, in two locations: Kirkstall Abbey and Adel  Woods. 

The style is Narrative/ Concept Video, the period is Medieval (13th century, England).

The main characters are the Princess, Witch and the Veiled Nuns.

The Princess Susanne is a rebel, symbol of beauty, self-empowerment, and justice.

The Veiled Nuns are symbols of the punishment and constraint, imposed by society, and desires to express one’s personality.

The Witch represents the possibility of a new life, mystery, spirituality, and esotericism.


“Wasting my time”  EP is out now  on all the digital stores.


All the digital stores –



High quality version –

Mp3 version –


Wasting my time EP + Photoshoot (Golden Edition)

Wasting my time (EP) + Photoshoot (Standard Edition)

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