Wasting my time:Song Premiere

Wasting my time:Song Premiere

Wasting my time:Song Premiere

Premiere on Darkness and Chaos Show of “Wasting my time” Remix

Wasting my time:Song Premiere
Stella Wembley

Wasting my time:Song Premiere on Darkness and Chaos Show!

Only 12 days left to the release date of my new EP “Wasting my time”.

One of the the tracks will be featured next Saturday on Revolution Radio online!
Next week on Darkness and Chaos Show by Nick Court, on the one and only Revolution Radio Online.

The track will be Wasting my time (Bionic Visions Remix) –  https://www.facebook.com/bionicvisions
Tune in if you can! Revolution Radio Online!

Saturday, 16 September on Revolution Radio Online. 

6:30 pm UK TIME.

Something about the new EP “Wasting my time “

My new song “Wasting my time” is about self-confidence, self-empowerment, hope, change and transformation.

Whenever there is a traumatic experience, I take the pain and put it into art, creating a song.
The lyrics is autobiographical, and talks about the difficulties I have gone through in the last fourteen years, and which I have finally overcome.


The sound of the single

Synth-pop and new-wave influences, and pop-oriented in the chorus.
Retro vibe, emphasised by the effects used on the vocals.
The medieval context in which the music video is set, obviously, only confirms the feeling of having been catapulted into another era…

The Remix

The electro version has fantastic drum samples, which Enrico (Bionic Visions)  has programmed, and amazing sounds. I love the analog synths in the remix. I think this electronic version, perhaps is more modern than my “retro” version. The melody stands out a lot, and although the drums are very present the song still remains nostalgic.
I love the sequencer, the arrangement and the effect used on my voice, as well as the vocoder.


Links below if you want to pre-order the EP or pre-save it to stream it.

or Pre- order here 

Wasting my time Ep (Digital Audio)Wav File


Wasting my time Ep (Digital Audio)(Mp3)



Stella Wembley – Wasting my time Interview -Gothic Empire Records

“Wasting my time” out Sep 22 on all the digital stores!Pre-save now!

Online store




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