The Record Machine – Stella Wembley Special Guest!

The Record Machine – Stella Wembley Special Guest!

The Record Machine – Stella Wembley Special Guest!

Listen now to the Interview by James Micheal Hollenstein  on The Record Machine Show! Listen on Mixcloud ! Discover more about Stella Wembley , the new music video, the new EP, projects, music career, future plans and new collaborations.

The music video “Wasting my time” is written, directed and produced by Stella Wembley, and  filmed by London Filmmakers (R.Cavani).

Moreover, the artist has planned and organised the whole production, and managed a small team during the filming, as well as 12 actresses to play the roles in her music video. 

Stella worked on the post-production of the video too.

The music video was filmed and produced in Leeds, Uk, in two locations: Kirkstall Abbey and Adel  Woods. 

The style is Narrative/ Concept Video, the period is Medieval (13th century, England).


Photo by Carl Golton

The meaning on the song 

“Wasting my time” is about self-confidence, self-empowerment, hope, change and transformation.

First of all, the artist talks about the meaning of the lyrics, which is not only a song with a good melody, but a statement.

“Whenever there is a traumatic experience, I take the pain and put it into art, creating a song” says the artist.

Besides, Stella also share  her personal experience: she thinks that she could inspire others.

“Moreover, the lyrics are autobiographical, and talks about the difficulties I have gone through in the last fourteen years, and which I have finally overcome.                                                                

“Betrayal, judgment and abandonment have been a constant in my life, and extremely painful, especially because it came from the people closest to me ” says the artist.

This is how “Wasting my time” was born, but above all it represents a new chapter for Stella Wembley.

“Today, I feel powerful, and stronger than ever. I left the past in the past, and cut all toxic relationships out of my life , I love myself – and I am finally free” – Stella Wembley



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