You are limitless. Find balance and harmony.

You are limitless. Find balance and harmony.

You are limitless. Find balance and harmony

Living in this society is not easy. Often we have to wear a mask, or we put ourselves in a box.

Our ego (or shadow side, if you will) tell us we are not worthy, it creates self-doubts, fears, anxiety, and more negative thoughts.

It may also create the opposite feelings and we may start to feel better than others, and seeking domination above others.

How to control our ego and achieve our dreams?

From my experience,  we need to accept our shadow side, and be aware that it exists, and when accepting this dark side we can then make the right choices by listening to our wisdom, intuition.

To be free and limitless, we need to make choises listening to our soul, not ego.

Most importantly,everyone has problems, and difficult situations. But very often,  our thoughts control us, and it is when we get stuck in a cycle of negativity, and cannot see the light.

I have to deal with chronic pain everyday ,  and sometimes I think is impossible to live with it, but it is not true.

I accept the fact I have a disability, and by accepting it , I am able to work , even if for a few hours, knowing when to stop and being grateful, even for the small achievements. When I stopped comparing myself to others, I started feeling much better.

Therefore, Iam not in a competition. I only listen to my soul, and when my body is too tired and I am too much in pain, I say to myself:

“it’s  ok. You have done the best you can today.” I forgive myself.

Finally, I don’t  push myself too hard . So I avoid burning out all my energies.

Find balance and harmony. You are limitless.

I hope this heps. Feel free to like and comment.


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