New Outfit! Stella Wembley

New Outfit! Stella Wembley

New Outfit! Stella Wembley

I have done a photoshoot today with my new outfit, purchased last Saturday. I am proud of myself! First of all, I am now (again) size 4, and thanks to the workout I do three times per week I am lighter and fit again 🙂

I wasn’t fat before, but I am a sportswoman! I have also started Yoga, which is very very intense, and there are some crazy positions to learn too 😀

Moreover, the Photoshoot went very well, and there are plenty of amazing pictures I will show you very soon.

Let me know what do you think of my outfit!

IMPORTANT: The best quality images will be sent to subscribers only (silver and gold membership). The best pics will be added to a calendar you can pre-order on my website on the shop page.!

Love, Stella





Photography and lights Stella Wembley

Canon Eos 6D Mark II – Manual focus

Lights: 3 Neewer 660 Led Lights  3200-5600K

Neewer Reflector/Diffuser Panel

Neewer Background Stand Support System 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Kit

Muslin Backdrop

Shoes: New Look

T-Shirt: Wish

Shorts: New Look(Kids Section!)

Belt: New Look


Lipstick: Rimmel ; Mascara: L’oreal ;  Powder : Maybelline NY

the full photoshoot will be published on Saturday


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