Spotify pays £ 0.01 every two streams? Let’s Change it! -Stella Wembley


Spotify pays £0.01 every two streams?  Let’s Change it!


I will earn only 0.01 pence every 2 stream with Spotify, sounds miserable uh? 🤨

Unfortunately, even if  emergent artists work for months, even years sometimes on a song/album, they don’t get paid as they should.

YEARS AND YEARS OF training, practicing, touring, money invested … for THIS AMOUNT?  It doesn’t sound fair you put so much effort and you earn such a small amount.





I am sure you go through this as well , or you have been through this once in your life at least!

But you can  help!  We can change this together!

Let’s change it!

Support my music buying  my CD to add  it to your gothic/electronic/dark wave collection!🤩🦇🦇🖤
It is only £6 for the signed version and who buys TODAY will receive FREE Handwritten Lyrics..

Yes FREE!🤩
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There is also all sort of merch you can buy on my online shop.  start buying presents for this Christmas!

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You are not a collector, or you don’t have the money? Don’t worry.

I know this is a difficult period for everyone. You can still support me on the social media and FOLLOW me on Spotify!

Stream and download my songs for less than £1 !

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You can DONATE whatever you can afford, even a pound , to my Paypal. Hit the button!




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