Practicing and making new videos- Stella Wembley

Such a busy day! I couldn’t even have lunch! I have been practising songs and making video all day for you <3

Here a few shots . I hope you like them!

It took 5 hours to place the lights, the background screen, the camera on their position.

It took one hour to record a few songs, and I hope to share them with you soon on my Youtube channel. If You haven’t subscribed yet, well, do it now ! Here – Subscribe to my Youtube

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I have done some acoustic versions of my songs , cover as well.

I missed my guitar so much. I have played the electric one during my last streaming gig , but haven’t been playing the acoustic for  a month I think!

Let me know if you like me to do an acoustic set, I would be happy to play some songs with my  Martina (Acoustic guitar, I named it) 🙂

NB – I have use a red and a blue light , but for some reasons this turned to be orange. These are the first times I am using this lights with this webcam !
This will be improved x

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Here the new Video Images of Death

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Photography and Lights – Stella Wembley
Lights- 2 Newer Led Lights

Shot taken from my Logitech C9222 webcam

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Lots of Love

Stella Wembley

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