Stella Wembley: behind the scenes of “Images of Death”music video

Behind the scenes of “Images of Death” music video

After releasing “All That I Need” Ep in October 2019, I have been working on a new album and have decided to release a single in the meantime, called “Images of Death”.

I want to make a video for my new song -I have already worked as a Video director for my first video “All That I Need” – Watch here All That I Need music Video

My plan was making seven videos for my album, but because of  Covid- 19 this is very difficult to do at the moment: hiring a video maker, actors or hiring a venue it is unrealistic and unaffordable. I have thought I ‘d make the video my by myself, which is very difficult and exhausting , but the only solution, because I don’t want to postpone the video- I had to postpone my gigs, and that is enough!

My first shooting day went very good, I thought you’d like to read about it and see the pictures of the location and how I work on the set.

I think it is exciting how the lights change the object you are filming. If you have a white flower, in example, and you use a red filter in your led light, that flower, which was conveying you a sense of innocence, calm and grace, it will convey you different feelings, like anger, fear, agitation.

I have filmed broken tree trunk and light was decent, even though I think I would need a third light to balance the noise it comes with the darkness.

Snapshot- Broken tree trunk
Snapshot- Broken tree trunk

I have used a red filter and a white filter to get this result.

After filming in the park, I moved to the church, which is another location I have chosen.

It is Methodist church, formed in 1983. It looks Medieval to me especially because of the stained glasses. I love it.

Church has been more difficult to film because there were he lights of the street and because  I had to adjust the length of the stands of my lights, in order to light the church where I wanted. You can see what I mean in the pictures below.

Church – Photography By S.W.


Photography S.W.



The filters I have used are: red, white and yellow.

It took 4 hours to film these two locations, excluding the time to get there with the equipment.

I am very happy with the result and hope you will like my video /song when It is ready and , please, support if you like it buying my music .

I have decided to film first all the locations – sorry you won’t see me yet here in the pictures 🙂 . I have ordered some accessories for my dress and I am waiting to receive them.

Did you like this post? Would you like to see more of the behind the scenes?

Let me know your thoughts!

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Lots of love x

Stella Wembley

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