“Images of Death” official music video filming: Day 2

Images of Death Official Music Video Filming- Day 2

In the darkness of a magical and arcane wood, I have been filming other scenes of “Images of Death” music video.

This time hasn’t been difficult like the first time- It looks like I am getting better every time I film!

Being a female, alone in the darkness of the night, well, it isn’t really fun… but which are the alternatives? There is a pandemic virus, no one can come to help me out. I must do this by myself. And, anyway, who wouldn’t be scared seeing someone in the darkness with skulls, bones and blood and black candles? So I’ll be fine.

When it gets dark it is always magical and mystic. I have started shooting again the broken tree trunk, as I wasn’t totally satisfied with the light, and I got the result I wanted.

I used three lights this time: Yellow , white and red light.

I think there is less noise compared to the first video I made and also there is a better combination of colours.

See picture below!

Broken tree trunk

The picture, especially the trunk , is actually brighter than the video.

I have filmed also the trees and the street in the wood, but as There was still too much light – it was around 8 :30 pm- I will have to film it again as it is too bright to me. I am not a fan of the filters you can use nowadays in the software- you can adjust light, colours ect- I am very old fashioned and I prefer to capture the “real ” lights and colours. The same in music: I prefer a real guitar to a plugin.

See snapshot  below.

vlcsnap-2020-05-26-01h03m07s724 (2)

Finally, the skulls and the bones. It took a while to understand how to place the lights. I wanted to light the candles too, but it didn’t look good on the camera.

I am very proud of the result and still looking back to what I have done, I think it is a miracle, considering the equipment and the fact I have done this alone.

Filters I have used: White, Red and some yellow light.

See  picture below!



skulls- different angle
skulls/bones – different angle

I had to film also scenes close to a lake. I called the scene in my storyboard “The Black Lake”, because it gets extremely dark and has rushes so it looks really gloomy to me. It also has ripples , very beautiful ripples on the surface , when it is really windy.

Unfortunately that night there was no wind and I couldn’t film it , as in my story the lake has ripples on the surface in the first scene (yes, spoiler!!) , but I filmed the rushes anyway, and they look cool I think, and very gloomy. I have used again red, yellow and red filters.

See the picture below


Finally, a short video I want to show you of the skulls and bones- it has not been edited  yet- I hope you will like it.

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Thank you , I will share soon again some shots of the next shooting session!

Love x Stella

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