All that I need music video: behind the scenes of Stella Wembley official music video


All that I need official music video: behind the scenes of the official music video, directed by the visionary artist Stella Wembley.

An  outstanding picture  of Stella Wembley during the filming of All that I need official music video, directed by Stella Wembley in London, Uk.
Stella Wembley, visionary artist,an accomplished music producer, video director, composer, lyricist, multi-faceted musician has released “All that I need” Ep , (C) 2019,Gothic Empire Records, available on all the digital platforms.
Stella Wembley has directed “All that I need” music video which has been filmed in London, Uk.
It is a narrative music video style, dark, gothic and sensual.
The video has been filmed in four days and then edited by Stella Wembley , who has also chosen the mood of the music video.
The official video will be shared on youtube within the next two months.
Amazon music
Streaming on Spotify
Pic by Louie London Photographer
Music video director : Stella Wembley
Music written, composed, performed by Stella Wembley
Lyrics by Stella Wembley
Produced,mixed and recorded by Stella Wembley
All That I need remix By Lloyd Price

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