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Jammerzine Magazine, 26/02/2020

Jammerzine Exclusive: An interview with Stella Wembley 

by  Ryan Martin

Dark Entries, 24/01/2020

Review by  Kurt Ingels

Absolution NYC magazine, 18/01/2020

Interview by: Nick Court

Published by : Dj Jason Ledyard

 Jammerzine Magazine, 06/01/2020

Article by : Ryan Martin

First Listen: Stella Wembley – All That I Need

“Stella Wembley drops her new single titled ‘All That I Need’. With a haunting overtone and a sublimely dark musical persona…”

Digital Revolution Radio, 09/12/2019

Stella Wembley – All That I Need EP mini review

By Nick Court

“A rising star in the gothic/dark ambient genre. Stella brings out the EP ‘All That I Need’…”

Nick Court is the host of Darkness and Chaos, on

Darkness and Chaos Forum

Stella cover All That I Need


Revolution Radio Online

Article by Darren the Baron


“Darkly evocative, provocative even, Stella Wembley takes Goth Rock and adds a steroid mix of dark synth and industrial rock sounds to create something unique”Darren The Baron

One of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. A gifted, talented and prolific songwriter that writes dark, captivating original work. She creates true art with very deep lyrics! Its raw and most importantly, its honest and genuine.
Incredibly unique!” – Justin MacKay

Justin MacKay is a music producer, musician, singer and songwriter and play analog synths .He has a project called “Cables for clouds” Cables for clouds

Cables for clouds Youtube Channel


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