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Keeping really Busy! I have so many news for you this week. 

I am the boss here and I have no employees so I have to work on each side of my music business by myself.

In my agenda there are plenty of things TO DO , in example:

  • Video editing of “Images of Death”
  • Promo Videos
  • Trailer of the Official Video
  • Newsletter

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 I have also added the following to my agenda…

  • Photoshoot
  • Music production of the new album
  • Interviews and reviews
  • Marketing and music business researches/studies
  • Selling through Facebook/Instagram

At the moment, I am working on the pre- editing of Images of Death Video.

The pre-editing consist of deleting the clips are not good, creating multiple folders and naming them into my computer;then , according to the Storyboard /Shotlist , placing each clip in the appropriate folder.

Righ now I have 31 folders and 461 clips . 34 GB in total!!

I am working 3 hours every day with the aim of finishingthe editing within a month.
The quality of the video is HD- I didn’t have a good camera and It was also in the  Covid  first wave  time- it was really difficult to shot by myself during that period!

I was successful because I am disciplined, hard- working and passionate. I think these are essential characteristics if you want to be successful in life.

I also think that research and studying is very important to achieve great results.

I have been studying some music business and marketing recently, and I have found it very helpful.

I don’t have enough time to do everything, even if I plan my day very well; I am currently working on another project , and looking for a marketing /web developer specialist who could be my business partner( I manage my own website but I cannot develope and manage another website, I wouldn’t have the time!).
I am reading a book called” How to make it in the New Music Business” , by Ari Herstand , and I really recommend it , it is a very good guide  especially for musicians who are alone in this jurney and need help with their business.  I think every musician should study marketing and business, at least the most important elements, to be aware of how the music industry works.

I am also following the tips of an entrepreneur and a musician specialised in music business.

I  think this can be very helpful for anyone who wants to start a career in the music business, or any self-employed in general.

The  online courses are not free , but you can watch their videos on youtube for free- Marco Montemagno (Entrepreneur)  

(The videos are in Italian)  and Damian Keyes (Musician/business advices)

(Videos are in English)
Education is very important so please don’t use your computer only to log into Facebook.
There are plenty of resources in the web are they are free.
Reading a book is also an amazing experience and I wish I could have a Big library to keep all the books I want!

There is a new photoshoot which is coming soon , new promo videos to promote my merch – you know that you can buy my merch on my website? Buy here –

Finally, you will also have the possibility of buying my merch from facebook/instagram. I only have the cds at the moent in the catalog, but I will add all the products in the following days.

Just go to the shop section  on my instagram- where t you see bag image – and click on the product image.

I have to figure out how to add the products to my Facebook page.

I have to go now, too busy with my reading and editing, but you can enjoy the this Friday evening for me- maybe you can listen my music while you are doing what you’re doing 🙂 Listen on  Spotify :

All That I Need Ep –

Images of Death Single –


Thank You for supporting me.

Lots of Love

Stella Wembley


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