Stella Wembley talks about “All That I Need Special Edition”:Cut Scenes, Special Gifts for fans, Extra Features of “All That I Need” Music Video


Stella Wembley talks about “All That I Need Special Edition”, which includes Cut Scenes, Special Gifts for fans and Extra Features of “All That I Need” Music Video


“All That I Need “Music Video has been released on the 12th of November 2019  featuring my song “All That I Need” , part of my Ep “All That I Need” released on the 10th of October 2019 on the digital stores.

The Video, on my You tube channel, has now reached 6.397 views.

All That I Need music video has a narrative non-linear style and it has been the fist video I have directed .


We have been filming for 4/5 days in different locations, which I have chosen after months of researching: The Church, The Tudor suite, the Cemetery.

I thought would be interesting to share with the fans extra features and cut scenes, but not just this; I would like to give to my fans a complete vision of the work there is behind my Ep  and the Music Video, and rewarding them with Special Gifts if they purchase the Edition.


“All That I Need Special Edition” it is a project I have been working in these months, and the Special includes not just the extra features I have mentioned, but many other special features for the most passionate fans: the Official music video, All That I Need Official Music Video (mp4) , All That I Need” First live performance at The Islington (HD),  4 videos with Official Audio files of All That I Need Ep, Official Promo videos, instrumental tracks , All That I Need shooting (Photos in High resolution), Original Video script , shot list, Mood Board, Lyrics.

“Stella’s face”
“The Demonic Man and the mirror”


Black shadow
The Kiss(White Cross)

As my new single “Images of Death” is going to be released on the 15th of September, I have thought to add also “Images of Death” and “Images of Death Remix” in the special , as Special gift for you.

If you like the single, you can pre-order a physical copy here: 

As Special gifts, fans will receive also the outtakes of All That I Need Music Video and a signed physical copy of All That I Need Ep, or a poster, or a Gadget.

If you want to have a short preview of the Special Edition, you can watch the Trailer I have made and also read the description in the shop page.


To buy “All That I Need Special” , click here:

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Thank you for supporting Stella Wembley music  .

Lots of Love

Stella Wembley

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