Images of Death: a new single by Stella Wembley , horror movie inspired with a Non-linear narrative music video


After All That I Need Music Video, out in 2019 All That I Need music video – You tube ,

there will be a second video , horror movie inspired , for the single  ” Images of Death” .

The single, dedicated to my mother, has  electro- pop influences and orchestral arrangement. Read the review on revolution Radio Online: “IMAGES OF DEATH” CONFIRMS STELLA WEMBLEY’S DARK SIREN CREDENTIALS.

The new single Images of Death will be released as a physical copy and will include also a Remix and I am still working on the mixing . I spent weeks on recording the bass lines , as I wanted to have an aggressive bass. I have recorded four lines of bass . There are also two synth lines and the original drums, which have more distortion.

I have also applied distortion on vocals , with the Tape saturation plugin too.

The video will be a Non linear Narrative video (like Pulp Fiction, The Man who fell to earth)as the first one. It has real facts but also Imaginary elements which complement true facts. It is like a second episode .

In All That I Need Video , the Gothic Lady and the angelic woman go towards the light (afterlife) .In Images of Death, I have explored the concept of”Death” through symbolism , like skulls and blood , white and red flowers. Most of the scenes are static.



I also filmed during the beautiful Strawberry Moon lunar eclipse (June 2020)


I play the role of a Dark angel , which is telling the story, and a witch who is doing a spell in the wood, to raise my mother from the dead.


Screenshot_20200614-022539_Video Player

There are Pagan elements (cauldron) and Shamanic elements (real sheep bones).




I have filmed the video by myself, because it wasn’t possible to hire actors and a videomaker because of Covid-19.

It has been very hard to make everything without the support of other people and having also a very basic equipment. I must say that the result it very good considering this.


I am currently working on the editing/mixing of the Remix of Images of Death and on the artwork of the Cd.

The Cd  can be pre-ordered on my website here: Images of Death Cd (Signed)

Images of Death Cd (Unsigned)

There are also T-shirts, Bags, Posters and Mugs which can be pre-ordered here:Shop here

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