A Vintage Photo Shoot – Stella Wembley Photo shoots

Stella Wembley has been busy with producing and writing songs for her new album coming out this year, but she found also the time to  do a photo shoot in her garden.

Due to the lockdown, artists are not able to film videos and photo shoots are difficult to do because  social distances need to be respected.

Stella Wembley has found the way to do it from her home, and will share this on her Official Website and Youtube Channel Stella Wembley Youtube Channel (official)

A vintage Photo shoot, with velvet dust coat and her unique black hat, with her electric guitar , and another one in a gothic/rock style , with a sexy leather short dress, will be shared on her official website Stella Wembley Official Website-Home Page on the Photo Shoot section .

The photos will be available to be purchased soon on the website. High quality photos and low cost delivery – as always-  will been provided.

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