Stella Wembley is a composer and a singer-songwriter.

Born in Milan, the artist moved to Naples to study contemporary singing and electric and rhythm guitar at Lili school music and Opera singing  at the Conservatory San Pietro a Majella ,where she graduated with honors in 2014.
The singer has performed as chorister with the italian multi-instrumentalist Enzo Avitabile and with the Youth choir of San Carlo Theater of Naples. As lead singer, she performed with many italian rock and metal bands ,singing rock and trash metal covers. Extremely sure her career would have taken off only in a big and multicultural music scene,Stella moved to London in 2018 and start playing as solo artist in many venues as the Water Rats and the Dublin Castle, performing on the stage with a Korg microkorg and a Fender jaguar her original songs.
Stella plays ,produces and arranges the songs by herself.
The dark sound, the verses cryptic and full of deep sadness are peculiar characteristics of her songs , backed with her stage presence.
Inspired by artists like David Bowie,Depeche Mode and Gary Numan ,her music has been described as “dark, minimalist, introspective and soulful”.
Gothy vibes, very sexy and dark, like “a vampire movie soundtrack from the 80s ” .

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